We understand the emotional challenges of living with long-term health conditions and are here to help. Our mission is to provide you with affordable, accessible mental health support that you can tailor to your needs. 

We are all for therapy – in fact we encourage it – but we also understand that it can take a long time to get an apppointment and even when you do, you need help in between. Long-term health conditions aren't linear and  that's why we have put together a range of short, easy exercises, delivered by mental health experts, that can support you when you need it most.

There are five core elements to SMILE, all drawing on evidence-based, clinical therapies. They are:

S – Self compassion and self care

Learn to treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve and discover ways to build healthy habits into your day, whatever physical health challenges you face.

M – Mindfulness

Spending too much time worrying about the future or replaying the past is unhelpful, so we help you live in the moment.

I – Investigate your thoughts

Start to look at your thoughts in a different way with exercises based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

L – Love and let go

Find ways to let go of limiting beliefs and focus on how you can incorporate more of what you love into your life using Action and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

E – Emotional Freedom Technique

Learn a simple way of releasing your feelings and working through your emotions by tapping pressure points on your body.

You can access the Smile platform on your desktop, through the mobile version or through the app (coming soon!) and use the same login details for each so you can choose which suits you best.

You can explore them in your own time and search for content by looking at 'how are feeling?' or 'challenges' you are facing.

Record your feelings, track your progress and complete any exercises in your 'Smile File', which you can find under your login.

We also have a blog full of helpful articles and look out for our live support sessions coming soon.

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