Building self compassion

We are often our own worst critic. We feel we should be doing more, earning more, achieving more or just being more. When you are dealing with a chronic health condition, it might affect your physical capabilities, earning potential or limit the way you do things you used to enjoy.

This can all lead to feelings of not being enough. On top of this, managing hospital appointments and treatement alongside work or family commitments can leave us feeling even more depleted.

Working on building your self compassion and self care means putting yourself first, treating yourself with kindness and talking to yourself like you would a loved one. Self compassion has been scientifically proven to increase happiness, lower stress and build resilience. 

Self compassion and self care is not selfish. It is essential. But what do we mean by it? It's not all bubble baths and spa days. We help you explore what self care looks like to you, setting boundaries, building a support network and dampening that criticial voice.

Think about one thing you can do today to show yourself some self care or self compassion. This could be trying one of our self compassion exercises, savouring your favourite treat, or saying 'no' to something that is too demanding.

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