Investigating your thoughts

Do you believe everything you think? Read that again. We have thousands of thoughts swirling through our heads every day and most of them we simply let go without giving them more than a split second's attention. So why do the negative ones stick so much?

Cognitive behavioural therapy involves some really useful techniques to challenge your thoughts and learn to dampen that negative voice in your head that may be affecting the way you behave. It can help you approach your health challenges differently and look for new ways to navigate them.

You know the old analogy about there being no buses and then they all come at once? It can help us to recognise our thoughts by thinking of them like buses. Do you jump on every bus that comes down the street? Of course not! You let most of them drive on by.

Sit for a minute and just notice all those thoughts driving through your mind. Don't try to change them or act on them. Just see how many all come at once. It can get pretty busy inside our heads so start to investigate those thoughts in a little more detail and discover how to get back in the driving seat.

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