What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technqiue, also called EFT, is a way to calm your body and help process any difficult emotions. It is based on the same idea as accupuncture, that there are different meridian points around the body that can help shift blocked energy. In accupuncture, they use needles to stimulate these. In EFT, you simply have to tap your fingers on prescribed places.

At the same time, you talk through the problem that you are dealing with. Vocalising your feelings can help release any emotions and thoughts that are affecting your wellbeing. 

There have been a number of studies that have shown EFT can be helpful for people dealing with anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder and improve multiple health markers. It is great to help you relax before bed or use to calm anxiety before a hospital appointment. You can follow our short, guided videos or, in time, learn how to do it yourself and tailor the tapping to your needs.

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